Abortion And The Human Health Essay

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ABORTION Abortion and son of the causes of it like rape, malformation, health conditions and psychological. Abortion should be punishing for the religion and or the society. Now in days the society has two faces in front of the public they condemn a mother for her decision and what she feel is right for her body and life. Abortion for raping is one of the most difficult topics because what people think that the mother should do most of you will say to keep the baby but what happened went the baby grows up she will see the happiness but also it will be a remainder of the man who abuse her and left it whit a child. According to the www.christiananwer.net said that a pregnancy caused by rape is the result of a grave injustice and that the victim should not be obliged to carry the fetus to viability for this reason the mental health of the mother is more value than the mental health of the fetus. In another hand went a mother have and incest or rape they need to have the free will to choose if they want to continue the pregnancy or want to have an abortion. It would not be fair to her to have a remainder for her entire life of the bad thing that happened to her. Another solution is to go to the hospital as soon as the act happened do they can remove the semen of the rapper of her uterus and like that we can prevent to committed abortion and to kill a life that God has giving us even do it was for a wrong act of life. Another cause of abortion is the malformation…

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