Abortion And The First Trimester Of Pregnancy Essay

1946 Words Mar 18th, 2015 8 Pages
Abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy when there are no serious health risks has been a controversial topic for quite some time. The main argument against elective abortion is that it infringes upon the fetus’s right to life. As well, opponents state that it dismisses any potential future the fetus may have had as a human being and therefore takes away from society by depriving it of a potential successful member of society. However, these arguments can be dismissed when considering the negative aspects of an unwanted pregnancy. Issues such as parents that did not want a child or parents that are unable or unwilling to provide for a child are some cases where an abortion would be a better option than seeing a pregnancy through. Raising a child should be done in beneficial and nurturing circumstances so that the child grows and develops properly and is a productive member of society. Any less and the child may suffer a poor upbringing and thus be less successful and productive in their own life. It is in this case that the question arises whether an abortion would spare a fetus from being born into less than desirable circumstances. As for women’s right to control over their body and their life, abortion is also important in making sure they have the tools and ability to control their life and have what they need to be responsible. Women’s right to control over their body and privacy is significant to society as well because it means more autonomy for women and…

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