Essay on Abortion : Acceptable Or Murder?

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Abortion Acceptable or Murder? There are over a million teen pregnancy’s a year, 54% of women have abortions (Abortion facts). Is this murder or just a nonnegotiable choice to be able to peruse? Given its history until now things have changed, but it still continues to be a very difficult decision. In some eyes abortion pure murder in others, it’s the inability to be able to peruse parenthood. In some cases, abortion occurs due to how the pregnancy came to be. For an example, the pregnancy could have been due to a rape situation. In that case, the victim may not want to keep the baby of the person that raped her. There are many different situations that could be considerate for abortion. To truly understand the reality of abortion you must be put in the shoes of the decision maker. I would like to demonstrate the struggles and show how much heat is put on women on the sensitive subject of abortion. Why? It’s because it’s a difficult occurrence that happens every day that millions of people struggle with. There are many different types of abortions and many people debate whether its save or not. Abortion needs to be legal so it can be done safe. Abortions occur every day all over the world and it’s a huge life changing thing to have happen. If it’s done safely, it can be an effective way to terminate pregnancy. The procedure needs to be safe, sanitary and professionally done. That way if it’s taking care of properly it’s very safe. If it’s done by yourself like…

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