Abortion : A Black And White Essay

1629 Words Dec 8th, 2016 7 Pages
It is one of the most talked about and debatable topics out there in our society today. It is a topic that is seen as black and white, but in retro-spec, one might say it is a black and gray debate (or white and gray). It is abortion. Abortion is the termination or, as some would say, killing of a fetus. Much like evolution, it is a taboo and hard to tackle topic for our government and society. The world is torn between two logical perspectives that everyone had a right to--- religious or scientific beliefs. But as the debate goes on, it is as if the law-makers are slowly closing in on women and their rights to their own physical being. After centuries of fighting for even the simplest of rights and looking back to the history of events, it seems like we have barely begun. It certainly has been a slow process. Every day, bills are being presented to Congress that would inevitably limit a woman’s resources and ability to receive an abortion amongst other things. Allowing a woman to have full control of her body should be the next step in women’s rights. In most recent news on the pro-life versus pro-choice battle, Senator Jon Kyl made a speech protesting abortion and fighting for the stripping of federal funding for Planned Parenthood. He claimed that 90% of the services performed by Planned Parenthood are abortions. The following day, we was swiftly rebutted by comedian news anchor Jon Stewart as he pointed out that the pro-life senator’s statistics are…

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