Aboriginal People Research Paper

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Terra Nullius is a word derived from Roman Law meaning “no one’s Land”. Claims were made on the land of Aboriginal people and they were restricted to practice culture, spirituality, language and visiting their own ritual sites.
The first people of Australia. The indigenous people, the first owners of the land we live in. people who lost everything in post colonization. Loss of culture, family, identity, lost sacred sites, loss of lands. People who were treated as servants and exploited. Though now there is some significant dates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people such as National Sorry Day, Survival Day and many more to pay respect.
Dreamtime is the Aboriginal way of understanding their world, creation and its great stories.
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These children don’t even know who their parents are, their culture and backgrounds. They were taken away in a belief that they will be better off living with white families. A National Sorry Day is held each year on the 26th of May to pay respect to the stolen generation.

Assimilation was a policy where the fostering started, Aboriginal children were sent to white families where they were not allowed to speak their language and practice their own culture, their names were even changed to the white names. The Meriam people, led by Eddie Mabo, took the action in the High Court to overturn the doctrine of terra nullius. (leaner guide, 4,4.1.2) where decisions were made by the High Court of Australia on the 3rd June, 1992 that the native land belongs to the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people during colonization and it still does belong to them under the common

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