Abolishing Change Of A Catholic School Essay

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Instituting Change in a Catholic School I love change, in fact, I thrive on change. I love trying new curricula and learning new ways to do things. I also recognize that for most people, however, change is not easy, and seldom welcome. As principals we are in a position to bring change to our schools, whether it is a large-scale policy change from an external source, or a change from within the school itself, it falls on us to “sell the idea” to our staffs. School reform is the term used to describe change that is on a large scale, and originates from state legislatures, or other sources external to our individual schools. It’s the reform born of critics of the public school system who “have a propensity to depict schools as static bureaucracies, stodgy, lumbering about, and unable to adapt to emerging demands for high performance” (Owens, 2015, p. 213). When faced with this type of change, it is helpful to look at “strategies of planned change, managed dissemination intended to spread new ideas and practices swiftly” (Owens, 2015, p. 221). Owens (2015) lists empirical-rational strategies, power-coercive strategies and normative- reeducative strategies as approaches for dealing with externally imposed change. These strategies attempt to link the research and justification for change with the “practice of education” (Owens, 2015, p. 222), in an attempt to encourage collaboration and support for the change, and thereby ensuring success. The purpose of using an…

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