Abnormal Psychology Reflection

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Rough Drafts on Abnormal Psychology reflection
Introduction: Elliot Rodger has been experiencing depression with friends due to rejection from peers, especially females. As a result, he eventually destroys some of his mates, including himself. According to the journal article of Elliot Rodger, he faced some difficulties throughout his lifetime. However, these problems have led him to abnormal thinking, triggering his thoughts to murder himself and his peers.
Elliot encountered several difficulties that contributed to the homicidal rampage. These factors include male privileges, family affairs, societal factors, video games addiction, and religion. All these problems and complications have eventually led to his abnormal thinking and homicidal
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Throughout his life, he was unable to associate with his classmates possibly because of his behavior, height and his inability to approach and communicate with others. In the journal, Rodger could not interact with his peers since Middle school. He expresses his feelings saying,
“I had to act weird in order to gain attention. I was tired of being the invisible shy kid. Infamy is better than total obscurity. The teasing I received was bittersweet. It felt horrible to be teased and bullied... it caused me a lot of pain and anger... but at the same time I got a kick out of getting so much attention. It felt good to be confident enough to pick fights with the popular skateboarder kids. It was either that, or continue to be ignored by everyone like I was in Sixth and Seventh Grade. I never knew how to gain positive attention, only negative.”(para
This text illustrates Rodger’s inability to socialize with his peers. This resulted in feelings of anger, and hatred towards everyone in his school. His timid attitude and the presence of others around him resulted in his abnormal thinking, giving him the thought to murder some of his mates in
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However, this addiction to games has negatively affected his thoughts, and emotions, causing him the urge to escape boredom and the harsh reality of isolation. In the journal, Rodger was obsessed with his game just to ignore reality and to relieve himself of loneliness. He explains,
“I became very addicted to the game and my character in it. It was all I cared about. I was so immersed in the game that I no longer cared about what people thought of me. I only saw school as something that took time away from WoW. I became very bored at school, mainly due to the fact that I was still the invisible quiet kid. To alleviate this boredom, I started to act weird and annoying to people just to gain attention.”(para3)
This text demonstrates Rodger’s addiction to the World of Warcraft which is a game filled with violence. The game gave him the evil impression to murder his mates who isolated him throughout his school life. This ultimately leads him to abnormal thinking, claiming the lives of some of his

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