Abc Model of Crisis Intervention Essay

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Although not everyone that comes across a stressor in life will experience a crisis, some are unable to cope with the stressor in a healthy manner and eventually succumb to a crisis. If this person does not receive the adequate crisis intervention during this state, he or she is likely to be unable to function at the level he or she had been functioning before the crisis. This will inevitably lead to additional crisis scenarios for every stressor they must face in life. “This pattern can go on for many years until the person’s ego is completely drained of its capacity to deal with reality; often such people commit suicide, kill someone, or have a psychotic breakdown.” (Kanel, K. 2007).
In order to be able to help the client to the best
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Any forms of abuse are also not to be allowed or tolerated, much less encouraged. This includes child abuse, elder abuse and even spousal abuse. Whether the abuse is happening to them, someone else in their household or they are the abuser themselves, this is not to be taken lightly and would need to reported and fully investigated to ensure the best interests of the client as well as their immediate family. Substance-abuse issues also need to be addressed and in that case, adequate treatment would include detox and/or rehab services. Finally any medical concerns that may have arisen are also of concern and should be dealt with immediately. For instance, if since the event the client has become a hoarder or compulsive sex addict, these issues must also be dealt with appropriately.
There are many methods of coping treatments available to your clients in today’s day and age. Most traditional forms of coping treatments are those such as support groups or 12-step groups, individual or family therapy, legal aid, or even reading self-help books. Preventative techniques of coping help the client prepare for future stressors in their lives and thus help them to be more able to cope with these stressors in a normal and healthy manner.
I would most likely recommend the client to meditate daily in order to remain calm. I would also tell them to envision any stressors that can ever possibly arise and to already plan how they would

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