Abby And John Proctor Relationship Essay

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Experiences shared between Abby & John changed their relationship exponentially for the worse, & from their newly-formed relationship came forth the beginning of the Salem Witch trials. When we look at “the Crucible” by Arthur Miller, we see how much confusion is occurring in Salem at the time, & the amount of destruction being dealt by the girls. Although a lot of it had to do with religious beliefs, it's believed that the pre-existing relationships with people had played a major role. The relationship that John & Abby newly formed relationship had helped shaped Salem into what it became. Abby had developed a deep love & affection for Mr. John Proctor after they had had an affair while she was working for the Proctors as a Housemaid. …show more content…
Hale had first arrived in Salem, one of the first people he had met was none other than John Proctor. John was one of the few in Salem that believed that there were no witches in Salem, but nothing more than some foolish girls. As time went by John & Mr. Hale had developed a strong relationship, and it was Mr. Hale that had convinced Elizabeth Proctor to try and talk John into signing a written confession that he had indeed been practicing witchcraft. It was Mr. Hale that had come to the Proctor house late one night, and had come to make sure that John was telling the truth about the witchcraft, his absences in court, and why one of his sons had not been baptized. Even though Mr. Hale had tried to prevent the death of the Proctors, both were still hung from the neck until death, but Mr. Hale was the one that believed that Mr. John Proctor in the court, and his wife were indeed innocent. It’s relationships like this that demonstrate the true meaning of compassion & friendship. Alike when John was convicting Abby, and she had begun to twist his words, reverend Hale had said “ I cannot say he is an honest man; I know him little. But in all justice, sir, a claim so weighty cannot be argued by a farmer. In god’s name, sir, stop here; send him home and let him come again with a lawyer.” Some were not so lucky, a relationship formed between Giles Corey and Mr. Putnam was a clear example of

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