Essay on Abbot Suger Of Saint Denis

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Abbot Suger of Saint Denis, inspired by what he though were the writings of Saint Denis, designed and built a choir filled with radiance. Believing that light was the presence of Divine Spirit, Suger’s new choir was filled with light. Saint Denis Abbey’s newly designed choir would herald a revolution in architecture which would ripple throughout the culture of Christendom. The Italians would call the style Gothic. Gothic, meant as a slight, was so named to suggest that the culture of Christendom had been destroyed by the Goth barbarians. However, the influence of opus modernum, modern work, would change more than the architecture of churches in Europe. The Gothic style would influence the culture of Europe. The Gothic movement was a change in thought and created innovations beyond the cathedral. The Romanesque style a celebration of better days under the empire and a longing for the stability and security of the Roman rule. Heavy stone walls surround the halls of worship, symbolic statues look down, and symmetrical towers loom overhead, these features represent power and stability the hallmarks of the former empire. Commonly found in the rural monastery removed from the more worldly urban sites. The much more dramatic Gothic style the product of rising urbanization and the increased involvement of the wealthy. The lighter stone work of the Gothic cathedral allowed for greater complexity of style in architecture. The union of guilds and craftsmen funded by the wealthy…

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