A Worn Path Analysis

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A Worn Path by:Eudora Welty; The Aspect of Hidden Life
What is the theme of “A Worn Path? I believe the theme of “A Worn Path” is and explaining how, where, and when it develops in the story. To start off, I think that the overall theme of “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is “Life is a hidden aspect known only to those that know each other. This theme is developed as Phoenix goes on her journey and it is revealed to us that she goes through everything for her grandson, the hidden part of her life for us as the readers.
A big reason that I think that the theme of “A Worn Path” is “Life is a hidden aspect know only to those that really know each other.” Phoenix goes on the journey, but it isn’t for herself, it is for her grandson. How many
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Their reasons being that everything dies in the winter, but I could not disagree with a person more. I think that winter is a symbol of hidden life. Everything doesn’t just suddenly die in the winter. Some animals go into hibernation. Yes plants lose their leaves and color, but that does not mean that they are dead. Most of the people that disagree with this idea are looking at the picture as a whole but not taking the time to think about all of the small and intricate details. The most important part of a story is the detail. The author takes the time to put it all into the story and they are what makes up the story as a whole. The details are what makes a story so great and beautiful. Not the story, a story is nothing without details. Imagine reading a book that didn’t have any details about what is going on, you would feel lost and not want to pick up the book again. Getting back to the winter symbolism, the next season after winter is spring. Spring is a symbol of rebirth and a fresh start. The snow cleanses the world and everything on it. Nothing is more beautiful than a mountain covered by a fresh blanket of snow. Spring is a symbol of life and winter is a symbol of hidden life. All that somebody needs to do is look at all of the details to realize this. Animals burrow and live in tunnels in the snow. Plants are alive but are hidden under a layer of snow. Now how does this relate to a worn

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