Symbolism In A Worn Path

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A Worn path by Eudora Welty is a short story that emphasizes the natural symbolism of the surrounding. A worn path is full of symbolic things. Symbols is the practice or art of using an object or a word to represent an idea.For example, the cross represents the Christianity and the belief of people and the sacrifice god made. Symbols are used. Anywhere, a red octagon represents a “STOP”. Most of the symbols or shapes are used in a mathematics class squares, triangles, and circles. Colors are also a way to represent something, colors can represent the tone or mood of something.

A worn path opens in December, an African-American. Women named Phoenix Jackson She is the oldest person she knows. She is making her way, slowly but surely. As she
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When phoenix is walking to the doctor she had her shoe lase untied. When phoenix gets to Natchez she walks a little more and asks a white lady to tide her shoe lace. Since it was Christmas time the white lady had some presents in her hands. Phoenix ask nicely to the white lady if she can tide her shoe and the white lady kindly did. The author use this an example of equality. In the article titled “ A Study Guide” the author mentions the white lady tiding a black women shoe as a symbol of equality “the white lady who ties phoenix shoes”, the author show equality between the white lady and the black lady. Blacks have been persecuted in a white world. The author uses this to demonstrate the hardship blacks have been trough to reach equality. Back then in phoenix times Blacks were no longer slaves at the time, but there was still racial segregation in bathrooms, busses, and even schools all across the United States not allowing for complete cultural assimilation amongst whites. Most likely black …show more content…
Phoenix has to go to town every once in a while when the medicine finishes for her grandson. In the article titled “Symbolism in a worn path” tells what the medicine symbolizes, “represents the mythological trip that phoenix takes to the sun to die”, the medicine is what the story

Fuentes8 is all about. This trip is significantly harder to manage. Because of her fearless effort and love for her only grandson, she is retrieving the medicine.

The Big Dead Trees, those trees are located in the pinewoods were phoenix passes through to go to Natchez the article titled“A Study Guide” describes what the big dead trees represents, “symbol of black men from the slavery era”, it symbolizes the black people who were slaves in the past. It also represents men with one

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