A Woman 's Desire For Sex Essay

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In Rochester’s Imperfect Enjoyment, the narrator felt really excited about sex with his lady, until after he could not keep an erection. His tone changed from admiring the beauty of his sexual desire, to becoming angry by the reality of his false escapade. In Behn’s The Disappointment, the male also could not maintain an erection. The Disappointment reveals the disappointment of sex from a woman’s perspective. The Imperfect Enjoyment exemplifies man’s desire for sex, and his fury after not receiving his desires. Contrary to Rochester, Behn reveals her disappointment in masculine poems, as well as male dominance and expectations of female submission. Rochester and Behn reveal that man’s desire for sex does not always match the reality of their capabilities.
The Imperfect Enjoyment elicits a man’s rage about the act of sexual intercourse. In the beginning, the speaker and his lover lay “both equally inspired with eager fire” (3), with their “arms, legs, lips close clinging to embrace” (5). The speaker desires to convey his soul into “her heart” (14). Unfortunately, he is unsuccessful because he prematurely ejaculated. Before his eventual disappointment he negatively describes “her hand, her foot, her very looks a cunt” (18). His lady is unsatisfied, and he has no control over her feelings or his body. Then he begins to worry and thinks to himself, “Eager desires confound my first intent / Succeeding shame does more success prevent / and rage at last confirms me impotent”…

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