A Woman With A False Sense Of Self Understanding Essay

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My initial feeling towards Lady Brett Ashley is that she is a woman with a false sense of self-understanding. She behaves as if she is in control, doing what she wants and taking what is hers, but is clueless to the fact that what she is after won’t give her contentment. Her aimless attempts to fill what is missing in her life at the expense of her lovers and friends makes me feel that she is a manipulative and harmful person. However, as the story continues and I reflect further on Brett as a character and her history, my relationship with her changes. I see her more as a victim of her environment than an agent of her inner desires, carelessly exploiting those around her. In the end I am left feeling as though Brett is a slave to her own need for independence, and I find her more pitiable than anything else.
The first time Lady Brett Ashley is mentioned in the story she is described as a beautiful woman with some masculine features in her appearance, such as her hair “brushed back like a boy’s” (12). Her behavior is also unconventional and having more of an assertive and masculine feeling to it. The immediate impression that she gives me is that of a mysterious and interesting character, alluring in her beauty and fascinating in her attitude. My perspective changes when the first defining moment of my relationship to her occurs shortly after her introduction. As she rides a cab with Jake, she professes to him “oh darling, I’ve been so miserable” (13) and making it seem that…

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