Essay about A Woman Who Choose Her Own Destiny

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Whether you know her as Helen of Troy or Helen of Sparta, it can be mutually agreed that this fictional woman has had a huge impact in history and pop culture. In Homer 's Iliad, Helen 's departure from her husband, home and country is but one catalyst in the epic war that follows her. She is viewed as selfish, vain and not in control of her destiny; she is more of an object to be sought after and fought over. In contrast, the Helen character from the Xena: Warrior Princess Television show is a woman who choose her own destiny; she sees the consequences of her actions and seeks outside help in order to fix what is wrong. However whereas Homer 's Helen illustrates the destructive ways women impact a society from a male 's perspective, Xena 's Helen demonstrates a responsible and conscious woman with agency of her own who seeks to rectify conflicts she helped create.
“The face that launched a thousand ships” is a phrase that is associated Helen who was abducted by Paris. Originally married to King Menelaus, she was known for her beauty and when she left his side a great conflict followed her back to the shores of Paris’ home: Troy. As a female character, Helen is coded as a certain stereotype of women by Homer. She is the vile woman who uses her beauty and her body to influence men to wrong doings. This narrative is served well because it is perceived because of her actions the epic war began. “Helen of Troy has been established as a primal whore, in a long line of sexually…

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