A Vial Of Filial Generation ( F1 ) Flies Essay

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A vial of filial generation (F1) flies was obtained from the instructor on 10/18/2016. The vial that was set up by the instructor was named “K4”. The parental flies of a different single mutant were set up to breed by the instructor, and they were removed from the vial after lying eggs so that all flies in the vial were F1 generation. The vial was set up on 10/06/2016. Four vials were set up with food bought commercially and deionized water of the same ratio. The food was mixed gently with water until the fly food looks homogenous and sky blue. The food was stood until it became solidified. The assigned F1 flies were anesthetized in the napping chamber using carbon dioxide gas or fly nap, and they were separated into 5 different vials with approximately 20 random F1 flies; one vial was set for observations. To anesthetize the flies, one could inject carbon dioxide gas into the vial and transferred the flied to another vial. Another way is to add a few drops of flynap on the inside of the foam stopper and placed it in an empty vial. Then, the flies could be transfer into the napping chamber by gently tapping the vial to allow the flies to the bottom, removing the stopper, and immediately invert the culture over the napping chamber. The adult flies were tapped into the napping chamber, and the foam stopper on the vial. The vials were labeled with set-up date and names, and incubated at 25℃. The F1 flies from the observation vial was taken out, examined under microscope…

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