A Utilitarian Approach Of The Issue Of Delivering Medicine Kits That Contained Bribes

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I think that Mrs. Smith should keep silent about the situation involving delivering medicine kits that contained bribes. If she does in fact stay silent, she is choosing to take a utilitarian approach to this dangerous dilemma. A utilitarian approach means that Mrs. Smith is thinking about the various pros and cons that come with the situation. One thing to take into account when using the utilitarian approach is that although there may be more cons than pros, the pros can be more significant than the cons. In this case the cons would be: being involved in bribery, which is illegal, possibly getting the executive in trouble, giving rebels and terrorist’s money and being in conflict with the relief organization. The pros of this situation are: kits are delivered to people in need, and drivers of the trucks delivering them won’t be captured and shot. Here, although there are more cons than pros, the pros of helping wounded people and assisting in providing safety for the drivers clearly outweigh the various cons. Stout would also agree with the decision to stay quiet about the bribery and continue to deliver kits into Syria.
Deckop would also agree that this decision is utilitarian. Deckop defines utilitarianism in “Theoretical Basis for Analyzing The Effects of Decision” as “The decision that results in the most total benefit compared to harm is the best decision. The utilitarian is often portrayed figuratively as holding a scale, with the benefits on one side…

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