A Turning Point Essay examples

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A Turning Point
The water droplets roll down my forehead as I lay in my bed looking at the water damaged ceiling. At twelve years old I slept in a one window attic in a tattered bed, under a leaky roof. I don’t have any family nor friends to speak of and no real hope for the future of my existence. School was my only outlet yet it was also beginning to be the root of my shame and embarrassment. Leaving school today with tears in my eyes and my teacher’s voice ringing in my head all I could think of was this can’t be my life. Yet something my teacher said struck me as odd; she said “what we experience as a child helps to mold who we will eventually become”. I truly couldn’t understand at that age what kind of comfort she believed I would take from that. Nevertheless, this made me think if we are truly a sum total of our life experiences what type of person could I inevitably become. Yet unknowingly to me this was a concept that would soon be revealed to hold some truth.
But let me back track a bit to really give you an understanding of the situation. My life began in Stockton, California on March 29, 1988 at Dameron Hospital. In 1991, I was put into the system as a foster child still unsure if this was voluntary or involuntary. Between the years of 1991 and 1992 I basically lived in a hospital due to my intense injuries. I was stabbed six times, suffered a spinal injury and underwent several medical produces to fix the damage. By 1993 at the age of five I was released to the…

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