A Tradition Passed Down Analysis

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A Tradition Passed Down From the day I was able to sit still long enough to sit in the deer stand with my dad, I was nearly always there with him, right by his side like a miniature shadow. The first time I hunted with him, I knew that this would be a sport that would engulf me, and one I would do for a great amount of time. Being able to share this time with my father out in the woods was simply priceless. After 8 years of being able to watch my father hunt, it had become time for me to start my own hunting career. I had turned 12 that summer, and had practiced shooting 60 plus arrows a day in hopes that I would get the opportunity to fill my tag. The tables had turned for my dad. Instead of him being the hunter, he became the observer. …show more content…
Everything changed the fifteenth sit, it was a rainy afternoon, and finally the storm had passed. We decided it would be a good time to go out and hunt, so we headed out and climbed into our stand. A few hours had passed, and finally the first deer had been seen. It was a doe, and she was working her way towards us. I stood up and got my trusty mission bow in my hand. All of my practice was about to pay off. She walked out 20 yards in front of us broadside, I drew back, aimed the pin right behind her front shoulder and let the arrow fly. I saw the arrow hit her, and it was a little far back, but it still was a kill shot. I turned to my dad and gave him a high five. After seeing the look on his face, I saw that he was nearly as excited as I was about this hunt.
He turned to me and said, “All of your hard work and dedication has started to pay off.” Hearing this, I grinned from ear to ear while saying, “I sure hope so.” He said to me, “let’s pack our gear up and climb down out of the stand.” While we were walking back to the truck he told me; “we better let her lay
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It was about being able to spend time in the woods with those who love the sport just as much; and that it is a sport that was in my blood. My father showed me the true meaning of hunting, based on his reaction of this hunt. Although this was not his hunt, he had shown so much excitement, that it could have been.
My father and I in the summer shot in an outdoor bow league, which gave us more time to practice for the hunting season. It was also a great bonding experience, and one that allowed me to get better at shooting my bow. Although we are not able to do this anymore, because of how hectic and busy our summers are, it is something that I will not forget about for a long period of time.
We still continue our hunting tradition, and it has grown into a way for us both to be able to get away from life and spend some relaxing time in the woods. We both have had many experiences where we have been able to harvest deer, but that would not have been possible without the time we spend both in preparation, and time spent in the stand. The process of getting food plots planted, and stands ready to go begins in the spring, continues throughout the summer, and into the fall when the season opens. Any moment that I am able to spend hunting I enjoy, whether I see deer or not. We both show just as much excitement as the other no matter who shot the deer

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