A Third Identity Is The Driving Force For Some, For Others War

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Diego Mulato
A Third Identity Poverty is the driving force for some, for others—war. For many more it may be the thirst for a better life. Regardless of the reasons, the immigration of individuals from other nations into the United States is a constant topic of debate. The topic of immigration has even spilled into the political agenda, resulting in immigration reform being a must for a presidential candidate. At a more individual level, immigration has resulted in a new identity for many individuals in the United States. In the later part of the decade the majority of immigrants have been from Latin America. The influx of individuals from Latin America has created an American society that struggles to find a true identity within a heterogeneous mixture of individuals. Sadly, immigrants and further generations are faced with prejudice and racism at the hands of a society that sees whiteness as being superior. Immigrating to the United States at the age of nine, I have experienced the difficulties associated with leaving one’s native country for a foreign land; and, the idea of identity is one that I continue to grapple with to this day. On a broader scale, Immigrants and their children continue to struggle with the idea of identity; or lack thereof. Identity and its close relation with race are two themes that are present in Chicana Literature. One clear example is the poem by Ana Castillo “No Dogs or Mexicans Allowed,” in which the poet depicts a bus ride she takes…

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