A Theory Of Nurse Staffing Essay

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Introduction Trying to find a theory that can be used and have been used to help with such great problem such as nurse shortage was a challenge. After studying and reading many of the theorist models, Jean Watson nursing model stood out the most. The nurse literature reveals when supporting nurse staffing, it can warrant a quality of care from the nurses for their patients (Douglas, K. 2011). This task for the hospital administrator all the way down to the nurse manager, has come a great challenge and difficult task to achieve. The let-down on ensuring the equate amount of nurse staffing has revealed such a damaging impact on the patient. This problem cannot be based on just adequate staffing, it is also a problem with the patient care and absence of compassionate and caring. This alone can cause a negative outcome with the patient and the nurses. There have been methods used to try to overcome this issue. However, using Jean Watson theory to help resolve the nurse staffing can provide a more insight and solution that may help managers, and hospitals administrators bring a positive outlook on the delivery of care towards the patient. It can also help encourage nurses by being a respected resource to improve with patient care.
Biography of Jean Watson Jean Watson is a nurse theorist and also a nurse professor who is known by her theory “Philosophy and Science of Caring”. Watson earned her bachelor’s in nursing in 1964, a few years later received her master’s then finally…

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