Caring Concept Analysis

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An Evolutionary Concept Analysis of Caring
Tammy Michelle James
Grand Canyon University

An Evolutionary Concept Analysis of Caring
Caring is considered a core concept in nursing as a practice discipline. Every individual has their own perception of caring. Nurses are often associated with caring because they support, comfort, and help the patient recover to the best of their ability (Brilowskig A. & Wendler M. C.). The nurses have experiences that deal with a wide variety of situations that can help them become better caregivers. Brilowskig A. & Wendler M. C. explain that the purpose of this study is to identify the core components of caring in nursing in order to increase understanding and to identify its necessity for research and importance
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According to Brilowskig A. & Wendler M. C., nursing care consists of the actions and interactions between a nurse and patient with physical care as a primary focus. In this analysis, caring touch was identified as a form of non-verbal communication and is influenced by the intentions of the nurse and the perception of the patient. Another nursing action pointed out by Brilowskig A. & Wendler M. C. was presence in which being there is not only physical but also includes a giving of self that consists of occupying the same space with the patient, listening carefully, and allowing time to share.
Conclusion. Caring as a concept in nursing has become increasingly important. The purpose of this concept analysis was to focus on the significance, use and application of the concept in nursing. The findings suggest that the core attributes of caring are relationship, action, attitude, acceptance, and variability. In this study, the concept of caring includes an increased ability to heal for patients and an increased sense of personal and professional satisfaction for nurses. These findings not only add to the body of knowledge but also serve as reason for further theory development and research in nursing.

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