Essay about A Suitable Business Strategies For Emotive Inc 's Product

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In order to design a suitable business strategies or approaches for Emotive Inc’s product, it is important to address some key points about the product. Emotiv target segment is to hard-core gamers, who desire in innovation and gain experiences in new ways. EPOC is a premium headset, which designated with 16 sensors to identify 30 different states in interpreting brain signals, enables gamers playing games just by thinking about what actions he/she wants to do. Understanding the Emotiv Inc’s core competence, product leadership strategy is the best suitable type for Emotive in both short-term and long-term of business development to sustain its competitive advantage. The breakthrough product as EPOC will change the way customer plays game.
According to Mohr, 2001 high-tech industries are considered as significant uncertainties that get from their market, technology, and competitive factors. Hence in response to this complex environment and turbulence, Emotiv’s leader board should plan a consistent strategy to enable rapid adoption of EPOC. Emotiv is, indeed, suggested to use both planned strategies and emergent strategies for their business plan. The rationale is that planned strategy used for long-term goals intentioned (Mintzberg & Quinn 1992, p.15), whereas, the emergent strategy is where a realized pattern was not clearly envisioned (Mintzberg 1994, p.25). In other words, planned strategy is a roadmap to the final goals, while emergent strategy will be used as aids…

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