Essay about A Successful Whitetail Management Program

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Throughout the history of deer hunting in the United States, management tactics have rarely been taken advantage of. However, in recent years outdoorsmen across the nation have been driven by their passion of wildlife to begin implementing new, more sustainable practices. Wildlife management in the hunting industry stems from multiple sources, whether it be the pursuit of larger antlers or simply the need to put meat in the freezer. Nevertheless, the foundation of any program remains to be the same, a shared love of animals. The mistake numerous people make when starting a new program is not conducting the proper research ahead of time, which in a majority of cases, compromises success. In order to start a successful Whitetail management program, three main areas should focused on; Herd management, food sources, and predator control.(Montana)
Deer herds are more complex than what meets the eye, so in order to manage the population, it is critical to know what it consists of. Trail Camera Surveys have proven to be effective and are far more popular than any other form of population monitoring.(Thomas) By leaving a trail camera running for 14 consecutive days it allows both hunters, and biologists, to effectively begin estimating deer density, sex ratio, buck age structure, and other indications of herd health.(Thomas) Through the use of a trail camera survey one can begin to compile a list of information about the current population. A successful survey should gather enough…

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