A Study On Water Pollution Essay

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What is water pollution? Water pollution is the addition of chemicals and other harmful substances into a body of water. The harmful substances can dissolve or suspend in on top of the water. The substances that suspend are usually oil based, this is because oil does not dissolve in water. Some other pollutants can be objects that are thrown or washed into the water. There are many different ways to help prevent and clean the pollutions out of the water. Simsbury Connecticut did a study on how to avoid water pollution. They found ten major things to avoid or limit doing to preserve the water around the world. (con source) Pouring fat down the drain is very harmful to not only your drains, but the water that goes through them. When you pour warm fat down the drain in a liquid form as soon as it gets cool enough it will solidify. Once it solidifies it has a huge potential to clog the drains of someone’s house. When the water runs through the drains that are coated with this fat, it will pick up little bits of it and transfer them to outside water sources. If enough of the fat is transferred to the nearest water source it can pollute it. The second practice to avoid is “DO NOT dispose of household chemicals or cleaning agents down the sink or toilet”(con source) There are many chemicals that are made today that are considered green. They are easier to dispose of and not as harmful to the environment and water quality. The harsher the chemical the harder it is on water…

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