A Study On The Placement I Have Been A Education Essay

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The placement I have been in has been a lot of help to me in giving me a better understanding of teaching. It has not just given me experience in a classroom, but experience in one different from the one I have gone to before when I was a student. For this placement, I have been assigned to a social studies classroom at Morris Area Secondary, specifically to a 9th-grade civics class. Their teacher, Mrs. Rinkenberger, who also teaches 11th-grade American History, is well-liked and respected by her class and she has learned to incorporate a lot of non-traditional curriculum into her class.
Morris Area Secondary is a public high school in Morris, MN. The school has four hundred and ninety-five students enrolled, making it a pretty small school. Among those students, eighty-nine percent are white, and five percent are Hispanic. It has seven class periods with each one being around fifty minutes long, along with time set aside for both breakfast and lunch. As far as students with special needs are concerned, two percent are English learners, seventeen percent need special education, and twenty-four percent are on free or reduced lunch. On a positive note, there are no homeless students at the school.
Morris Area Secondary is quite different from the high school I went to, and thus this has been a great experience for me to learn about teaching in different environments. For instance, my school was even smaller than Morris Area Secondary. The school I went to had around…

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