Essay on A Study On Teenage Pregnancies

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A study done in 2010 stated about 15% of all teenage pregnancies ended in a tragic miscarriage though a small percentage to some the memory of losing your own child can haunt you forever. For my close friend Tamia Coleman this tragedy is all too real, and really hits home. In the year 2014, at the age of only 18, she became pregnant, carried the baby for 3 months and then had to give birth knowing she will not hear his healthy piercing scream, but instead, watch her son take only one small breath into the word and not another. Tamia Coleman sat slouched down on the couch, she has a dark complexion, long jet black hair, and wearing a basic t-shirt and form fitting blue skinny jeans with black Vans stained from grass and dirt over time. Her smile was welcoming and she seemed eager to tell the story of when she suffered a difficult hardship in her life. She had lost her first born baby to an unexpected miscarriage two years prior. Comfortable she began on an unforgettable night, the night she started going into early labor. “I remember it being a very cold and snowy night,” she said. Her and her boyfriend, named Drayton, had just arrived at the Mahnomen, MN to celebrate his then 18th birthday. But when they had got there Tamia had started to feel very severe low abdominal cramps no matter what kind of stance or position she tried standing it the pain would not subside. Unsure and worried about her baby they drove to the closest hospital which happened to be an hour away in…

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