Essay on A Study On Gene Expression

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Figure 1: Shows the gene expression changes found in Arabidopsis after the insertion of the IRX1, IRX3, and IRX5 mutants(Brown). 1A shows the principal component data collected from the targeted areas of the plant(Brown). 1B shows a comparison of gene expression of the base and tip of the stem and the change of level(Brown). 1C shows the slope of genes most likely to be related to IRX3(Brown).
From Figure 1B, it is shown through analysis that there are several hundred genes that show an increase in expression moving from the tip to the base(Brown). However, the sheer amount of these genes is too broad to thoroughly analyze, so to find what genes to focus on they relied on the mutants(Brown). IRX1 and IRX3 are both are very similar to each other in terms of their pattern of gene expression, but, IRX3 is expressed nearly two times higher than is IRX1(Brown). So using IRX3 as a model, shown in Figure 1C, the top 25 genes that were most related to IRX3 were the ones chosen for further analysis(Brown). Of these 25 genes, 9 were not linked to a particular phenotype, leaving 16 genes to analyze(Brown). From this groupings of genes, some had function in cellulose content, stem development, xylan deficiency, carbohydrate composition, or sugar content (Brown). This was a big find, especially since 7 of the 16 genes were directly related to defects in secondary cell wall formation, and 5 of those 7 have not previously been worked with(Brown). The use of reverse genetics in this…

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