A Study On Fast Mapping Essay

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Most Difficult:

The one topic/concept that I found difficult to understand in this reading was fast mapping. I got confused on how the child did fast mapping and wanted to find out more about it because of the book’s limited explanation. I understand that it is the process of rapidly learning a new word by contrasting it with a familiar word. I try to resolve my problem by going to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/ (Links to an external site.) and found something interesting. Children’s ability to readily map words to referents in the world and retain these mappings over time, with only minimal exposure is commonly called fast mapping. Fast mapping behavior has often been described as having two phases: the first is the initial mapping of a linguistic label to a referent, and the second is the subsequent retention and development of the initial representation, originally termed “extended mapping”. The majority of research on fast mapping has focused on cues that children use to initially map words to referents. However, less is known about the processes underlying extended mapping. This is an important tool that children use during language acquisition. An example would be presenting a young child with two toy animals - one a familiar creature (a dog) and one unfamiliar (a platypus). When the child is asked to retrieve the platypus a contrast is provided for the child (dog versus unknown creature) who allows them to infer the other creature must be a platypus.…

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