Apple Inc.: Concept, Concepts And Ideas

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What is concept/idea? An idea is a conceptual thought speaking about the major qualities of what it wants to deliver. Ideas emerge as deliberations or speculation as a matter of fact or the after-effect of a change of existing thoughts. In simple words Concept is a story, told with two major components: Content (what it’s told) and Plan (how it’s told).
A concept outline anticipates the association between thoughts. Concepts are usually illustrated in the form of - circles or boxes joined by lines or pointers containing and connecting words to show how thoughts are associated. I understand things when they are explained to me in an easy manner (without complexity) because the degree of complexity decides the degree of understandability. We
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After choosing path, Apple Inc. now tries to put the ideas all together to finally work on the prototype feedback, which will lead to a final end product that’s everyone is hoping and waiting for.
- Final touch up: as mentioned above the use of data flow diagram, we should make it double sure about the relationship, links, objects as well as the figures; so the message we’re trying to deliver is clear. Before presenting a prototype or a final product, Apple Inc. always keep their product in testing phase, unless they are satisfied with what they have came up as a final deliverable product.
Above mentioned are the steps normally followed to create a concept map, explaining the demand as well as feedback of the customers regarding the first look of prototype. This will help reading the different aspects of the prototype and will also help in making changes to it final product; following of all these step makes Apple Inc. the best always.
Now in this next section I would like to share some facts about prototype; for

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