A Study On Climate Change Essay

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O5 to W2 (O5: Harmonizing laws and regulations to facilitate intra-African trade to W2: Reduce importation of food from outside the African continent)
• Harmonizing laws and regulations to facilitate intra-African trade in commodities will reduce the need to import food from outside the continent and thus will create employment within the African continent for the bulging youth population in agri-businesses and small and medium enterprises. O4 to W3 (O4: Climate change global agenda can rally to W3: financing from Public/Private sector for soft and hard infrastructure that is lacking)
• During United Nations Conference for Climate Change (COP 21) meeting to be held in December 2015 in Paris, France, the objective of the meeting is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to not exceed 2ºC pre-industrial revolution level. This ambitious project will need extensive political will especially from developed countries who are the largest emitters of green- house gases to reduce emissions to agreed levels using green technologies. Another key objective is to mobilize USD 100Bn per year by 2020 by developed countries using public and private sources. This financing will enable developing countries to combat climate change. The funding once disbursed can finance soft and hard infrastructure that can mitigate, monitor and transform small scale agriculture in Africa to greener technologies COP (2015).
O7 to W4 (W4: Land tenure laws that are gender unbiased; O7: Reduce…

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