A Study On American Culture By Robert S. Lynd And Helen Merrell Lynd

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The Unreachable Goal “As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.” -Nelson Mandela Middletown: A Study In American Culture, by Robert S. Lynd and Helen Merrell Lynd, dives into the their 18 month series of studies focusing on a conventional small american city, based on Muncie, Indiana. The studies focused on the social structure, norms, and economic inequality within the city’s working and business class.
A common theme found within the book was that the citizens within Middletown were only able to be recognized and rewarded for their occupational and economic achievements, rather than being credited for the amount of work and effort put into their daily life and occupation. This leads to an inaccurate representation of who is more deserving of said recognition and reward considering the fact that, many residents of Middletown are not able to be fairly compensated or rewarded for their work. This is not because said citizens are not putting enough effort in or not working hard enough, but because the majority of workers are not given the deserved promotion, or allowed to reach a higher position in the economic and social food chain. When there are two and a half times as many in the working class as there are in the business class, and the working class is still not being compensated equally or receiving the equal benefits, there is an evident problem (22).
With this inevitable issue known as “getting there” and…

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