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Poverty is the worse form of violence” ( Mahatma Gandhi). Poverty affects many people but one thing is certain, it can be fixed. Poverty is a worldwide problem and there are many different reasons people are in poverty. It affects a lot of people, but if we all work together it can be fixed.
Poverty, the general scarcity, death, or the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. It is a multifaceted concept which includes social, economic, and political elements. Poverty has to do a lot with age, 25% of U.S poverty is in the age group 0 - 18, 13% is between the ages 19 - 64 and 10% is 65 and older. Race also plays a role in the U.S, white - 10%, Black - 26%, Hispanic - 24%, and 15% - other. In addition to that
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There are five distinct reasons for poverty that you need to know. History, former colonies have trouble accessing land, capital, education, and other resources necessary to support themselves. War and political instability, the poorest countries have all experienced a civil war in the 20th century. They also have weak governments that can 't protect them. Most poor countries lack safety, stability, and security, these things are essential for prosperity and growth. National debt is another big cause of poverty. Poor countries carry huge loads of debt due to loans from wealthier countries. The world bank also requires poorer nations to open their markets to outside businesses. This often causes conflict because local and outside businesses start competing. Thankfully united nations began looking into economic structural adjustment policies and how they can be designed to put less stress on vulnerable populations. Discrimination and social inequality, inequality can very easily lead to widespread poverty. This can happen by preventing lower social classes from obtaining the resources needed to support themselves. Gender discrimination is very obvious because more women and their children live in poverty.Finally Natural disasters can do a lot of damage to an already struggling country. They lose what little they have and then resort …show more content…
The U.S should set a goal of cutting poverty in half over ten years by following these four principles. Promote Decent work, people should have the opportunity to work and this work should ensure the workers and their family can avoid poverty, meet basic needs, and even save for the future. Provide opportunity for all,children should grow up in an environment with maximized opportunities. Adults should also have opportunities to better themselves in work and education. Ensure economic security, families should not fall into poverty when they are unable to work or work is not available. Help people build wealth, people should have the opportunity to build their wealth. Also have the resources essential for advancement. If we follow these principles people who want to be better will be

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