A Study Of Ten Day Care Centers Essay

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1.“ economists decided to test their solution by conducting a study of ten day-care centers in Haifa, israel… there were on average eight late pickup per week daycare center… it was announced that any parent arriving more than ten minutes late they will charge $3. after the fine was enact the number of late pickups went up.” chapter 1 page 16

•2A.) to summarize the main idea in this passage is that what you do can backfire. economist believed that charging $3 would detour late pick ups but it did not it did the opposite. is the economist would redo the study they should make the fine to over $15. if economist set the fine at $15 that would deter more people of late pickups.

•5A.) this excerpt is significant because it set up the whole book up for incentives. you can find examples of this excerpt throughout the whole book. it is giving you an easy example of many more harder example that were in the book.

•1B.) i really don 't understand why the economists would set the fine at such a low price because a 3 dollar fine is very cheap and anyone could pay that without a problem.i think if they set the fine much higher than they would not have as much late pickups. the only way to deter people in this case would be to set the fine much higher.

2.“ schoolchildren, of course, have had incentive to cheat for as long as there have been tests... with high-stakes testing a teacher whose students test poorly can be censured or passed over for a raise or promotion. if…

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