A Study Of American Adults Essay

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Every year students enroll in River Community College, but unfortunately, many of them withdraw without completing their courses. One study of American adults finds that 31.3% of adults did not complete programs they began (Patterson & Paulson, 2011, p. 9). While many are motivated to continue their education by promises of improved employment, job stability and satisfaction, and personal motivations such as content interest and self improvement considerations, as well as familial and societal pressures, there are also many barriers to students successes (Patterson & Paulson, 2011 p. 28). In 2008, only 20% of new students enrolling are within the traditional age group of 18 to 22 years of age (C. Johnson, 2008, p. 4). This results in a larger body of incoming freshmen with the concerns of working adults: parents needing child care, learners that have skill losses created by the time gap between high school graduation and college enrollment, and have a different set of motivators from the recently graduated adolescents. Most colleges are implementing on-line classes and non-traditional class schedules to address some of the time and place barriers for working students. However, the issues of literacy support for recovering loss skills, learning disabilities, English language acquiring, and motivational issues are still considered by many professors to be beyond the scope of their responsibility (Chappell, 2010; Katz, 1999; Kimball, Katz, Jarrow, Norton, Leveant, Fisher,…

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