A Student 's School Bag Essay

793 Words Nov 10th, 2014 4 Pages
The dormitory door’s wide open, strangers walking amongst students, a faint alcohol aroma fills the hall, and residents untamed while chaos runs amok. There will always be rule benders and breakers, but a little guidance goes a long ways. Colleges have the right enforce rules in order to keep the community and students safe. Having too much freedom for one individual will end in disorder and or in utter disarray. Face it; the human race could not live in unity with itself without proper management. Likewise, polices such as doors being locked, quiet hours, and no alcohol permitted on campus are needed to ensure protection for college students and community. A student’s school bag is already jam-packed with the essential books for that day’s class schedule, and bringing keys everywhere is just another hassle in one’s life. For instant, pretend as if a student forgot their keys to enter the dormitory, well they are out of luck now and must wait to be let in by a fellow classmate. Then still they could not enter their assigned living courters. Regardless of that being said, these are college students now and are expected to hold responsibilities. College is not a daycare for young adults, it is a place to learn and achieve academic greatness. The policy of the main entrance doors being securely locked is for the students’ safety. Just imagine random people who are not typically permitted in, are now roaming the hallways. This could occur and no one would bat an…

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