A Student 's Journey Through College Essay

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In America, students usually go through about 13 years of schooling until they can finally attend a college or university. It is often the first time where adolescents will have more freedom in their lives because it is their choice on whether they want to continue their education or not. If they choose to continue their education, they will have to take on more responsibilities in their life that will help them with their future. A student’s journey through college can often be a rollercoaster because they are experiencing multiple new situations while having to focus on their education. This can cause students to have problems because they are unsure of how to handle their situation. A few of the problems that college students face are having trouble paying for tuition, procrastination with their work and feeling stressed out. However, there are solutions to these problems, which are looking for scholarships to help pay for tuition, getting more organized to prevent procrastination, and getting more time to relax for relieving stress. It is going to be tough for a student to handle these problems, but if they have hope and come up with a plan these problems can get solved. The expenses for college and especially university can be extreme for any student to pay because tuition can be thousands of dollars. Besides the wealthy, it will be very difficult for anyone to pay this tuition because most people do not earn enough money. Getting a student loan is a decent option for…

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