Essay about A Student With A Reading Disability

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Jim is a student with a reading disability and has received special education services for most of his school career. He is currently in a class that requires him to do well on a weekly spelling test and is a notoriously bad speller. Due to receiving zeros each week on his spelling tests Jim is starting to skip class most likely due to embarrassment and feelings of failure. He is trying hard and working diligently but with no success which can be crippling and disheartening to a student. Mary King is a teacher that has co-taught for multiple years. She has an open and caring relationship with students and their parents. She focuses on a student’s accommodations to help each and every child succeed. Since Jim is not receiving the proper accommodations and Mary’s co-teacher is seemingly uncooperative, Mary is feeling defeated. She wants Jim to succeed and is motivated by this desire but is having trouble finding a way to express her feelings to her co-teacher. Helen Williams is a veteran teacher that likes things done a certain way. She sets high standards and is motivated by her want for students to succeed. She feels she should not lower her standards for any student because it would be a disservice to them. She is also thinking about her own personal needs when she discusses the evaluation process and how her own job is resting on how well students are able to perform on standardized tests. There are many issues in this particular case. The first is that…

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