A Speech On The Crime Reporting Team Essay

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SGT. VINCENT MARONE (35) and OFFICER MIKE BALL (29) chase after FREDDIE JORDAN (17). Jordan drops his can of soda. JAMES PERSON (35), spills his beer. He drinks multiple cans while surrounded by his 100 coworkers, who all drink cocktails. They celebrate THE INFO, their internet news/lifestyle magazines’ first year. JONAH BENTON (30), makes a speech. James joins DOUG RIVERS (50), and they discuss the recent layoffs. Meanwhile, Marone takes Freddie down with a punch. Freddie hits Marone back and Marone head-butts him. Ball aims a gun at the two of them. He shoots. The crime reporting team, including James, Doug, LILLY DOBBS (29), TUCKER BROOKS, and JEWEL FOLEY (22) gather to discuss their needed news break. James directs them to the police scanner where they hear the officer down report.

POLICE CHIEF CHARLIE DUMPHY (50s) reports on the incident to a gathering crowd, claiming that Jordan got ahold of Marone’s gun and killed him and that Ball killed Jordan in turn. James, Lily, and Jewel ask questions. A crowd gathers in protest. James goes door to door asking questions. He talks to a boy who tells him that Jordan wasn’t in a gang and that Marone and Ball had been harassing them for a while.

Reporters and chanters gather around Jordan’s family home. James looks through their trash bins. He’s tackled by Jordan’s cousin who tells him that Jordan was murdered. James returns home to his girlfriend ANGELA FRANCO (31) studying psychology for her PhD. James wakes up in the middle…

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