A Speech On Child Abuse Awareness And The Drive Behind The Campaign

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Conference. The first event was canceled due to inclement weather, so our guest speaker Donna Franks was not able to attend our rescheduled event, but we managed to make it work with research and the notes that the Lieutent Donna Franks provided for insight on cases that 75% of why molestated boys do not tell if sexually assaulted. DHS workers and the Family Resource employers came by and supported the campaign. I think our group enjoyed setting things up and watching the people come by to get the educational information, get their face painted, and eat cake from Creative Cakes. We thought the event was a hit with the community, colleagues and community partners. What we tried to do was to have an event where it would bring a lot of the community out to have fun and learn at the same time. The Department of Human Services was extremely proud of what we had done to educate our community on child abuse awareness and the drive behind the campaign. The drive is to promote child abuse awareness and hold the community accountable to make it happen. We will be asking local businesses to promote our campaign by serving some type of blue drink for the entire month of April and donate funds to our local Boys and Girls clubs.
Our group met at Fair Park to set up for a large crowd considering we were in with the Stop the Hurt Conference. It was an estimated number of 50-60 people showed up to support this campaign. Many have not heard of the campaign called Kool- Aid with Kids and were…

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