A Speech And Language Pathologist ( Slp ) Essay

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The authors of the article focused on students who had more severe intellectual and developmental disabilities and how they can develop their self-advocacy skills. The authors outlined the different steps they took to help these students communicate their needs along with help from teachers and other school staff. Much of the other research on self-advocacy and self-determination focused on students with less severe disabilities. These marginalized students often do not get their voices heard so the researchers hoped that their model would help change that, even the non-verbal students.
The authors pointed out how being able to communicate is a big factor in being able to self-advocate. So it was important to have a speech and language pathologist (SLP) present to help facilitate this process for students. The SLP would help figure out what was needed in order to have the students express their needs. Another factor was the importance of learning self-advocacy skills early. It would "increase their participation in academic work and decrease negative behaviors when they have opportunities for choice in the academic setting" (Kleinert, Harrison, Fisher, & Kleinert, 2010, p. 17). With these two things in mind, the researchers developed a program called the Kentucky Youth Advocacy Project (KYAP) which drew from an evidence-based model called the self-determined model of instruction. The KYAP model was used with over 200 students between the ages of 7-18 over three years to…

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