A Special Agent And Entering Into The Behavior Analysis Unit Essay

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The combination of criminal justice and psychology has created various fields; one of which being behavioral analysis more commonly known as profiling. Although being a relatively new field of study behavioral analysis is extremely helpful in the field and class-room settings in learning criminal behavior. This essay will bring to light the process of become a special agent and entering into the behavior analysis unit created by the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC).
In order to be a special agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation you have to be a United States citizen between the ages of 23 and 36 years old (U.S Department of Justice). The age requirements are set to insure 20 years of service before mandatory retirement at age 57 (U.S Department of Justice). Also have to have lived in the United States for three to five years. In terms of education, a bachelor’s degree is required but in order to be accepted into the behavioral analysis unit an advanced degree is highly recommend (U.S Department of Justice). Three years of full-time experience somewhere in the criminal justice system is required, not including any temporary non paying work. In some cases work experience can be waived in order to achieve an advanced degree. Requirements also include a valid driver’s license with at least six months of driving experience and the ability to be assigned anywhere in the FBI’s global jurisdiction (U.S Department of Justice). Once all of these…

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