A Sociological Perspective On Social Life Based On The Criteria

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In today’s society, one’s upbringing can determine the lifestyle in which we choose. Starting from the moment we are born, we begin to gather memories and are exposed to a number of different aspects that determine who we are. These experiences alongside your upbringing whether that be from your biological parents, adoptive parents or legal guardians. Your home life and social life go hand-in-hand regarding the morals and ideals we construct for ourselves. Some examples of this include our ethnic background, hobbies, interests and religious views. When we compare the complexity of our own personal experiences this creates a greater understanding of who we are as an individual and more specifically what certain aspects have directly influenced our identity. Throughout the research portion of this paper we began to compare our lives based on the criteria given. When comparing our lives through a sociological perspective as a group we strengthened our friendships as well as gained a broader perspective on the world around us and it’s effect on our personalities. As a group we conversed and shared important, life altering experiences that makes each one of us unique.

Perspective One
My name is Mia Holowaychuk. I was born in the large town of Sherwood Park. In my early childhood I was raised in a christian home with my mother, father and younger brother. They put a strong emphasis on being a faithful christian from the beginning of my childhood. Growing up in a…

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