Sociological Imagination In Childhood

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Sociological Imagination enhances life’s quality

I developed sociological imagination in my childhood from my experience of growing up in a multiracial family and in different European countries, often travelling to different Nations for vacation time or, in adulthood, for job reasons. It helped me to cope with racism, and gender discrimination. It provided me with conceptual tools to understand that, although different, we are all inter-connected and social structures influence our lives (Manza, 21013.) It made me understand that everyone is valuable. Our identities are forged not only by our personality but also by societal forces, from Nation of birth, to family, schools, churches and groups we choose or find ourselves belonging to (Manza,
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At the age of six, I was speaking German, Swedish, Dutch and going once at week to French private lessons, we had cousins born in France and would often have vacation time at my aunt’s home in Alsace. What never worked for me was classical dance school, after few lessons the teacher told my mother that I was just trying to kick every one and I was probably a better fit into a martial arts school. This was not a problem for a northern European family that was not following the “social construction pattern of gender” “the system of social processes that create and maintain gender differences and inequalities” (Manza 2013, p.269) and—actually, in my martial arts lessons females were about forty percent, any kid could join any sport type independently of the biological sex. Family is the first cell that shapes who we are and influences us in a deep way yet their power to shape our destiny depends on their link to societies and institutions (Manza 2013, p 291) moreover, to unpredictable life events as for my father dying in a car accident when I was only seven years old. I was too little to know that my mother had a World War II posttraumatic syndrome. She was twelve years old when the war ended. She had been through Nazi persecution constantly escaping through Europe because her …show more content…
In school, I was object of racism and called “Nazi crukka” a derogative way to name Germans. Although, now, my family was struggling financially keeping up my sports activities, they always found the way to keep me athletically busy hoping to help also my social integration with kids my

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