Black Female Critique

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A single black female critique
The play a single black female is written by Lisa B. Thompson, a theatrical professional who is based out of Austin, Texas. She is also known for her plays, A Single Black Female, One Sista’s Hair, The Mamalogues, and Underground. Thompson is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of A Single Black Female, is to make the world aware of the daily struggles a single black woman in America goes through. A few of those struggles include, not being able to find a decent man, raising children alone, being too independent, and having to balance a career. The struggles highlighted in the play are not having clothes to fit a black woman’s body, finding a decent man, and giving off the correct
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The storyline was more so the life of a single black female rather than the struggles of a single black female. The play neglected to highlight the balance of a love life and a career, which is the main point of the play. For these women to have such prestigious careers, there was not much time spent in their work life. More time focused on the daily life of a single black female, such as the shoppin’ scene, it was like an average day for a female. Except for the complaining about the clothes not fitting a black girls body, that was a great point. The play had moments of laughter, which was very exciting. It was great that the actresses weren’t afraid to be themselves, they did not edit out what they really meant to say, I feel like that expresses the maturity of the play. This play went through the average life of a black female, even with the annoying family members, asking “When are you gonna get married child”?, and “have you considered the opposite sex”? Even with the amazing adoring of the true love between mom and pops, It is truly a blessing to have grown up with both parents in your life, so to have an example of love in the home, makes you long for a true love similar to that even

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