Essay on A Short Note On The Ultra Wide Broadband

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Bluetooth was neither the strongest in signal nor has the fastest in data transfer rate (See figure below). The Ultra-Wide Broadband (UWB), like Bluetooth, also relies on radio frequency for communication. UWB transmit signals at frequency above 500HMz. However, the technology transmit information through short pluses through a sinusoidal wave (Frenzel, 2011). UWB send pulsing signals from transmitter to receiver. The pulsing signal can cause reflection in enclosed spaces and can overlap the original signal (Frenzel, 2011). Pulsing makes information transfer between devices unreliable amongst multiple devices. Devices that uses the UWB would require an antenna because the low wave length limit the information transfer range (Frenzel, 2011). Consumers who prefer sleek and miniature gadgets would not want their devices to spout an unsightly antenna.

Bluetooth also had to compete with IrDA technologies in its early days of development. IrDA technology is also “designed for short-range, low-power unlicensed communications” found on mobile phones, notebooks, and handheld computers (Miller and Bisdikan, 19). However, IrDA utilize infrared information transmission and requires line-of-sight information paths while Bluetooth can connect to devices between obstacles. Infrared has a shorter electromagnetic wave length than radio waves and are stopped by a solid medium. Hence, Bluetooth’s radio wave connectivity is a better choice to incorporate into consumer products. Interestingly,…

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