Essay on A Short Note On The Air Force ( Raf )

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TU-95 “Bear” Strategic Bombers – The Tu-95, nicknamed by NATO reports as “Bear” is a strategic bomber and missile platform. It was designed during the Cold War and entered service in 1956. Reports from the Russian Air Force (RAF) expect it to serve until at least 2040. In its design, the propeller-blades move faster than the speed of sound which cements its position as one of the nosiest military aircrafts. Due to its size, sizable crews of 6-7 men are needed to successfully operate it. As it stands now the TU-95 is a glaring reminder of the Cold War, with its purpose being able to fly far enough to attack key United States positons and surveillance. In recent news, there have been multiple mishaps with the Tu-95. In June of 2015 a runway accident caused it to catch fire during take-off. Again in July a Tu-95 crashed nearby Khabarosvk in Russia. Though despite these issues in November they launched a combat debut and are now being utilized for long range airstrikes in the Syrian Civil War.

In my opinion, I have no issue with these bombers. While they serve as a memorial of the tumultuous history between the United States and Russia, they are largely outdated. Early prototypes were designed more than fifty years ago, and it is still in essence unable to stand up to current standards of aircraft. It’s a large aircraft that suffers in maneuverability but makes up for it with its firepower. Due to the large amount of noise it generates, it’s easily identifiable. Including the…

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