A Short Note On Strong Consumer Insights On Pasta Barilla Using The Mec Theory

1393 Words Aug 30th, 2015 6 Pages
The objective of this research is to find fresh and strong consumer insights on Pasta Barilla using the MEC theory. What this research wants to figure out is whether Barilla’s advertising campaigns are already well developed. The research method is composed of in-depth interviews and laddering technique, while the scope of these interviews is to find attributes, consequences and values that consumers find to be relevant for the brand. The most important values resulting from the interviews - family, security and belonging - are mostly in line with the advertising history of Barilla, but there is room for a new campaign that could target a new segment of the market.
Barilla is one of the most famous food brand in Italy and the most famous pasta brand in the world. Thanks to a successful brand management, over the years Barilla has become a symbol of quality and the ambassador of Italian cuisine all over the world.
Much of its achievements come from a series of successful advertising campaigns, thus it is fundamental to research for new insights to fuel them. The objective of this research is to find which brand’s and product’s attributes are perceived as relevant by the consumers, the consequences connected to these attributes and the terminal values the consumers try to fulfill by using the brand/product. Consumers’ tastes, habits and behaviors can change very fast, and insight is as good as it is fresh; this research can provide new insights that could help…

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