A Short Note On Service And Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Repairs/Service and Customer Satisfaction
Apart from the support services above, users of Google Chromecast can also contact the customer support desk for assistance on any product issue. This will form the basis for establishing a strong relationship with the Google brand. For the marketing purposes of Google, this strong customer relationship will form the basis for successful business into the future.
With the excitement of purchasing a new product, such as the Google Chromecast, comes the expectation of the new device to work properly as according to the instructions. What happens though when your brand-new product does not work the way it should? What are your first thoughts when you open a newly packaged product and it does not work? Frustration? Anger? Loss of satisfaction in the company who manufactured the product? These are things that companies need to think about when producing new products for sale and how the company can recover in a situation where a customer’s device may not work any longer. In regards to the Google Chromecast, there is an entire support website directly related to anything that may go wrong during normal operation or in any extenuating circumstance. As an example of what the support website has for information is how to “Get started with the Google Chromecast”. In this section, there are things like “What’s in the box?”, “Set up Chromecast”, and “How to cast: A quick start guide” (Google, 2016). Having services like this for…

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