A Short Note On Rita

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“Did you hear what Rita did to Ethan last night? She’s what we call a whore.” they just kept laughing and laughing, and saying, “She should really kill herself, no one wants a no good dirty whore.” It was happening everywhere I went; people just could get enough about what had happened. I was making me sick, I wanted to so badly go home sick, but I already knew that I couldn’t. Even if I did I would have to deal with this all over again tomorrow. Besides the day 's almost over! I can handle it! As I walked into my second to last class, I realized that I have this class with Ethan, what was I going to do? Should I just try and ignore him? Should I confront him in front of everyone? No, I don’t know I could do that.
“Wow, I can’t even believe Rita came to school after what she has done
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Of course he went out of the room to go make copies of something; terrific
“You know, Ethan could do WAY better than that loser, Rita.” she looks right over at me. “I mean, look at her, she’s hideous and Ethan’s so handsome! What did he even see in her in the first place? ETHAN! Come over here!” Ethan slowly walks over to where she was standing. “Ethan now tells me, why on earth would you want to go out with someone like Rita? I mean, she isn’t good looking, she’s not very tall, she has the ugliest color hair.” she looked her at Ethan waiting for him to respond.
“Well, even though all of those are true. Did you hear what she was made me do?
“Why don’t you report it, Ethan? I mean she will deserve everything she gets!” “She should kill herself. I mean, no one likes her.” All of my fellow classmates almost all instantaneously joined in on the common hatred they had for me. The girl who had went to the bathroom finally returned; now I can leave! Thank God! I took all of my things, I knew one thing, and I could call my mom and have her come pick me up. I can just say that I am sick, or that I threw

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